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All important information about our precious ingredients has been gathered in one place so that you can be well informed about Ambasz products: what are the ingredients and how they interact with your skin.
Attached is also a useful list of toxic ingredients typically added to conventional cosmetics.


The durability of cosmetics and their safety require preservatives without which cosmetics would grow fungi and molds. This would result in a loss of product quality and unpleasant skin reactions or even a disease. Unfortunately, preservatives can also pose a threat to our health. Most preservatives are highly potent substances that can cause allergic reactions. In addition, research into their possible link with some cancers is ongoing.

Natural cosmetics contain only substances authorized for use in natural products by Ecocert and other certification bodies. These are: Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate (used e.g. for food preservation), Dehydroacetic Acid and Benzyl Alcohol, identical to natural preservatives, approved by the certification bodies which assess natural cosmetics.


Organic component. It protects cosmetics against bacteria and the growth of microorganisms. Extends the life of products. Protects them from changes in consistency, smell and color. It can be used in natural cosmetics.

Benzyl Alcohol Phenylmethanol

It occurs naturally in the form of esters in essential oils. Prevents the development and survival of microorganisms during the product storage, so it functions as a preservative. It is an important solvent for other hydrophilic substances contained in cosmetics. Regulates viscosity and thins cosmetic products. As a preservative, it is approved by certification bodies which assess natural cosmetics.