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All important information about our precious ingredients has been gathered in one place so that you can be well informed about Ambasz products: what are the ingredients and how they interact with your skin.
Attached is also a useful list of toxic ingredients typically added to conventional cosmetics.

Other Good Ingredients

Plant-Based Glycerin Glycerin

Natural glycerin is obtained by the saponification of vegetable fats, especially coconut oil. Glycerin naturally protects the skin, penetrating into the intercellular spaces where it binds the amount of water necessary to maintain proper hydration of the skin. It has excellent soothing properties, effectively moisturizes dry skin. Smoothes, improves elasticity, and regulates normal skin renewal processes. The effect of glycerin is long lasting. It penetrates to the deeper parts of the stratum corneum of the epidermis and it remains there, regulating its humidity for about a day. The presence of glycerin contributes to the functioning of skin lipids. Glycerin is used in cosmetics because it prevents the drying out of cosmetics and makes the emulsion smooth, making it easier to apply to the skin.

Lactic Acid Lactic Acid

It belongs to the group of alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) and it is a compound with an extremely wide range of applications. At higher concentrations, it can also be used to make peelings, thereby removing the dead cells, to effectively improve the structure and color of the skin, and to remove blemishes, small scars and wrinkles. The lactic acid stimulates the production of ceramides (and thus it seals the epidermal lipid barrier, reduces water loss and promotes moisturization) and collagen (it increases the density and thickness of the skin). It increases the efficacy of other plant-based components.