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All important information about our precious ingredients has been gathered in one place so that you can be well informed about Ambasz products: what are the ingredients and how they interact with your skin.
Attached is also a useful list of toxic ingredients typically added to conventional cosmetics.

Herbal Extracts

Essences and extracts of medicinal herbs protect the skin against various ailments and treat it effectively. Some of them have the ability to penetrate deep layers of the skin, heal it at all levels, giving it a healthy and beautiful appearance.

Green Tea Leaf Extract Camellia Sinensis

Powerful antioxidant, rich in tannins, alkaloids, B vitamins, vitamin K, C, P and mineral salts. In cosmetology, green tea extract is used for polluted, dry, oily and acne prone skin care. It is very effective with problems of blood vessel fragility, skin irritations and sun burns. Regenerates, tones, and inhibits the development of inflammatory conditions. Contains alkaloids which have excellent draining properties - stimulate skin microcirculation. Has a good effect on flabby skin, reduces swelling. Caffeine contained in green tea is successfully used in cosmetics for dry and sensitive skin. Vitamin K is effective in the care of couperose skin and skin affected by acne rosacea. It also strengthens capillary walls, reduces erythema and dark circles under the eyes.

Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Extract Aloe Barbadenis

Aloe vera has long been valued for its positive effect of accelerating wound healing. Today aloe is used in cosmetics because it soothes damaged skin and restores its tension.