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Can you afford luxury?

When the decision was made to introduce Ambasz-tier creams to the market, we knew they would have to be designed for conscious women. We are aware that they know their worth and that health of their skin is really important. They expect skincare products to deliver results. That is why we created premium brand, which makes wome feel appreciated and their bodies taken care of. But, why premium?


In ancient times, “luxurious” was a term used to describe women’s dressing table. It was much later that this word earned a more pejorative, over-the-top flavor of excessive wealth. Famous 17thcentury’s French author Jean de La Fontaine, who wrote more than 200 books, claimed that luxury is mostly about… purity and gentleness.


Today’s luxurious goods are addressed to narrow groups and typically are of very high quality. This is what makes the exclusive. And such are Ambasz creams. They are made for women who seek products that best fulfill their needs. Our clients are aware that great skincare influences their well-being as well as their state of mind. They want to feel pure and gentle in their bodies.


Therefore, the question ‘Can you affor luxury?’ could be rephrased:

Can you afford anything less?



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